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7 responses to “Clients’ Reviews”

  1. My family recently admitted my father and mother to Four Seasons Hospice Care. We were very impressed with the level of professionalism, compassion and efficiency from every staff member at Four Seasons. We highly recommend this organization if you are seeking hospice care for a loved one.

  2. Everyone was very kind, compassionate and professional. I am so glad we signed up with Four Seasons Hospice to help during this difficult time. They took care of all the details and made the process smooth. I would highly recommend Four Seasons Hospice.

  3. Thank you so much and we will continue to work hard to provide the best care possible

  4. I couldn’t of asked for better care for my father. The folks that came to my home were very sensitive to my feelings and were so gentle with my dad. He had a stroke but never came out of it. So I brought him home to care for him. Hospice came and just took wonderful care of him. I am grateful to you all.

    However……The administration and the signing of the death certificate took way too long. It grieved me to know my dad was laying in a cooler for 5weeks. The only things holding it up was just a signature from a doctor……I’m still working on this as I write. This area could use some work in organizing it better. And believe me I understand there is a Covid outbreak and then we had the snow etc….But too many excuses….
    No hard feelings to you not a bad rap, just need to adjust and make some positive changes.

  5. Thank you Four Seasons Hospice and Palliative care for always going above and beyond to care for my patients. I truly appreciate the work you do, the effort, the care, love and attention you give to every patient you see. You have an amazing team of practitioners.
    Thank you,
    Laura Mendez, BSN, RN, CCM, BCPA
    Professional Care Manager/ Consultant

  6. It has been an emotional struggle to see my mom go from living independently, to breaking her hip, suffer emotional trauma, and have her life turned upside down. All of this happened a year and a half ago! Every day as her daughter has been filled with emotional sadness, feelings of helplessness, not to mention the overwhelming duties of taking care to make sure nothing falls through the loops concerning her finances, care, and overall well being in life. Just recently Four Seasons has become involved with her care. Immediately the feeling of “overwhelming” obstacles has been eased. Macida laid out the dynamics for me efficiently and orderly. She answered all my questions thoroughly so I understood everything. Jake has been above incredible in getting to know my mom, respect who she is, and work with her to make her life less stressful. Holly has been over the top great at her job and so caring! She takes the time to chat with me on the “going ons” on my moms care. If I have a question or a concern , she is on it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What an amazing team, and much they have helped my mother and I in such a stressful time.


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